6 thoughts on “Increase Your Software Conversion Rate

  1. If a person is running a paid search or online application advertising campaign, should they take their audiences to a microsite, a one-page landing page or a page on their website?

  2. This is a very common question, and it depends on the complexity of the purchase decision and whether they need the context of the rest of the site. In a lot of cases, marketing analysis experts find that a landing page works best if it has been developed using a proven design for converting clients.

    For lead generation, less content is generally needed to get traffic and ultimately more results in the industry. However, this is not always the case. According to recent analysis, a landing page with longer copy provides a 91 percent increase in converting clients over a short page. People can test by starting with a landing page that has a long copy design, cut it to try out a mid-volume copy page and then go for a minimalist approach with the bare minimum content.

  3. The one thing that is more important than tricks and tips for improving profits is to have a structured approach for continuous improvement. A recent study showed that a structured approach is twice as likely to see a large number of sales. Other important factors that can grow the number of clients who convert are the quality of the value proposition and features.

  4. Although trust may be established between a company and new customers, it is important that businesses give people enough information to make them want to download the application that they are promoting. This is where testimonials from other satisfied clients are useful.

    Potential clients trust endorsements from outsiders more than what the company says. Because of this, people should always include customer testimonials when they are promoting their application.

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